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VDA agent shows powerstate Off, In Vsphere the vm is on.

Today we had some recovery work after issues in a Vsphere cluster.

The Power state of one the VM's in Citrix Studio was OFF. With right click mouse a small set of features available only option to start. VM Vsphere status was online, a reboot of the VM did not change anything to the status and management options in Citrix Studio.

No user sessions where  loaded (Load-index 0). RDP and Direct Access (Ica Quick Launch) are working.

In this case the issue was with VM SERVERA

I did found an article which solved the issue.


On one of Citrix brokers: (start powershell)

Asnp citrix*

Get-ChildItem -Path XdHyp: -force -recurse | ?{ $_.IsMachine } | out-file -filepath xdhyp.txt

Open File in Notepad ++ and Search for SERVERA and the id in xdhyp.txt

PSPath : Citrix.Host.Admin.V2Citrix.Hypervisor::XDHyp:ConnectionsVirtualCenterNL.datacenterNL-CITRIX.clusterSERVERA.vm
PSParentPath  :Citrix.Host.Admin.V2 Citrix.Hypervisor::XDHyp:ConnectionsVirtualCenterNL.datacenterNL-CITRIX.cluster
PSChildName : SERVERA.vm
PSDrive : XDHyp
PSProvider : Citrix.Host.Admin.V2Citrix.Hypervisor
PSIsContainer : True
AdditionalData : {[PowerState, PoweredOn], [MachineAddress,]}
FullName : SERVERA.vm
FullPath : XDHyp:ConnectionsVirtualCenterNL.datacenterNL-CITRIX.clusterSERVERA.vm
Id : 564d89bd-07e1-31f1-d9d4-2afb12bef67f
IsContainer : True
IsMachine : True
IsSnapshotable : True
IsSymLink : False
ObjectPath : /NL.datacenter/NL-CITRIX.cluster/SERVERA.vm
ObjectType  : Vm
ObjectTypeName : vm


Get-Brokermachine | where dnsname -eq

HostedMachineId : 4215b5e5-fd29-9933-0052-9e71118927b0

Now comparing the “ID” from Step1, and the “HostedMachineId “ from step2, You’ll find that the IDs are different. Correct “Id” is from Step1  and incorrect value is present in Database (step2).

Run the following command to change the XenDesktop Database's record for the machine ID to match the Hypervisor's Machine ID:

Set-BrokerMachine -MachineName "nlSERVERA" -HostedMachineId  564d89bd-07e1-31f1-d9d4-2afb12bef67f

Check Desktop Studio or Desktop Director and refresh the list of results. The power state must now match the state indicated in the hypervisor.

Note:I did restart the virtual machine after the reboot status changed to on.


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