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WinSxs optimization reached the MaxExecutionTime

Last week started with latest version BIS-F 6.1.1. Installation is easy and finished in seconds.
I did experience an issue with the DISM cleanup (WinSxs optimization reached the MaxExecutionTime). After 60 minutes process was still running but script experienced a timeout. This caused issues with the newly created PVS Vdisk.

Issue can be found @

I did change the bisf.psm1 file at line 1554 into # (disabled). ( Thx @Matthias Schlimm)

#(Bug List 113)      Start-Process 'Dism.exe' -ArgumentList '/online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup /ResetBase'

The process takes more than 120 minutes in our environment. That does extends our deployment of new vdisk extremely. So we decided to disabled the process as in earlier version of BIS-F this did not run.


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